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    Next Generation Search

  • Background

    Refract Speech

    Refract Speech is the company setup in order to launch our next generation search engine when it is ready. Should be late 2017 early 2018. The name was chosen specifically because it describes how our search engine learns. It 'refracts' breaks down into component parts, 'speech' in this case speech as written words. Neatly, Refract Speech is an anagram of perfect search. Something we will always strive to reach.

    Our proprietary Tech

    What began as a project in 1997 and then started in earnest in 2003 is the ground up design to an AI search algorithm. The collective term we use to refer to all the different protocols and design elements is Linguistic Dynamics.

  • Extra Info


    Benjamin Felsham

    I am the founder of this project. My computing experience is not the standard approach. As a punishment at school, I was made to clean the computer department and it was from this inauspicious start that got me into computers. My first hack was a joint one where we extended the Acorn Econet around the entire school campus, finding a way around the problems that Acorn said would make the plan impossible. However, some suspect wiring and tinkering about with Econet clocks meant we succeeded and possibly were running the largest (distance) Econet in the world. Projects like this coupled with my dyslexia is what gave me my different approach to designing computer system architecture. I am always grateful to the Acorn Computers invention team for all they provided us with, especially with such amazing kit. In Particular Chris Curry,Hermann Hauser, Andrew Hopper, Sophie Wilson, Steve Furber and the many others #honourtheacorn. An inspiration to a child with an interest in computers. That experience, a spell at a Fortune 500 company, time out to do an MBA and a previous Acorn related business which won me a Shell Livewire business award is what got me to this project today.


  • The Plan

    What we hope to do

    The plan is to launch our search engine in beta as soon as possible, both on mobile and desktop.

  • To our existing beta test registrants

    A Massive Thank you!

    We just wanted to give a genuine and massive thank you to all of you who have been registered with us to be first to try out our new search engine. Some of you have been with us for years! I / we really do massively appreciate your support. It means a lot and is a big help when going it alone on such a mammoth undertaking as this. I think Nikola Tesla said it best...


    "That is the trouble with many inventors; they lack patience. They lack the willingness to work a thing out slowly and clearly and sharply in their mind, so that they can actually 'feel it work.' They want to try their first idea right off; and the result is they use up lots of money and lots of material, only to find eventually that they are working in the wrong direction. We all make mistakes, and it is better to make them before we begin."


    In the mean time your details are stored safely and I look forward to being in touch when we are ready to launch.

  • Contact Us

    If you need to reach out to us for anything other than registering for the beta test, please use this form. Many thanks.